In Hivecell we believe that people can become more human through automation. We know that right and simple automation improves people’s lives giving them more so valuable time. That's why we decided to build a small and powerful computer to save your time, space and data.

Currently, our Lviv office team is looking for a Technician to join our hardware team.

If you are passionate about hardware, single board computers and want to be a part of something awesome you will have an opportunity to contribute to product development that has no direct competitors on the worldwide market.

You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Assemble electronic units and cables;
  • Make electronic and mechanical prototypes;
  • Troubleshooting the issues of electronic units;
  • Testing of electronic units and products;
  • Repair of electronic units in production;
  • Documentation of the results of the tasks;
  • Electronic and mechanical components purchasing;
  • Development of simple electronic units and devices.

We are looking for a specialist with:

  • Participation in products creation launched in mass production;
  • Strong experience in SMD (LGA, BGA, etc.) components manual soldering;
  • Strong experience in thru holes components manual soldering;
  • Strong experience in cables assembling;
  • Ability to assemble with lead-free (Pb-free) technology;
  • Ability to work on mechanical prototyping;
  • Knowledge in soldering equipment;
  • Experience in measurement equipment;
  • Elementary speaking English level;
  • Ability to read and understand technical documentation in English.

It will be a plus if you have:

  • Experience in automated PCB assembling;
  • Basic experience in electronics development;
  • Knowledge of international standards;
  • Knowledge in thermal condition of components;
  • Knowledge in digital and analog electronics design;
  • Work in EDAs (Altium Designer preferably);
  • Understanding in design with microcontrollers.

If you would like to feel a drive of completely new solution getting to the market
If you want to see how products are built, grow and develop
If you want to contribute and actively take part in company development
If you are not afraid of completely new challenges, industries have never resolved previously
You are a person we are looking for

As it might be visible from the text above we offer challenges, risk as well as valuable compensation for it